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EFT / Tapping

This healing method is often referred to as Tapping, or termed “energy psychology,” and is considered a close cousin to acupuncture without needles.

Based on the principles of acupuncture, EFT is applied by using your fingers to tap at certain points of your body which correlate to specific acupuncture points along your meridian pathways.  By doing so, you are stimulating the energy flow of the meridians to bring about positive changes in your emotional and physical well being.

Many people suffer with unresolved emotional issues creating a block in their  personal growth. This can manifest itself as an imbalance in one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  This emotional entrapment can lead to self-sabotaging habits, such as, limiting beliefs about one’s self, as well as, autoimmune diseases. This does not disqualify the fact that diet and exercise are still imperative to maintaining a healthy physical lifestyle.

Cell memory is more powerful than we give it credit for.  When trauma goes unresolved, our subconscious mind holds this emotion in our cells.  Our body and behavior responds to these repressed emotions.  It is said that we live most of our lives from our subconscious mind.  Perceptions that were developed by the environment we grew up in, personal experiences, overall, how we were treated, how people reacted to us, and the words that were spoken to us.

The beauty of EFT is that your certified EFT practitioner can help you help yourself!  Having sessions in EFT will enable you to know how to “tap” into your emotional stagnation so you may begin to clear away limiting feelings and empower yourself to create a productive life.  This technique can be practiced at home after your sessions and applied as often as you deem necessary.


First and foremost it is important to be honest with yourself and not camouflage any underlying experiences which may be the culprit for your current circumstances.  Be realistic. Your cells know if you are telling the truth!

Using your fingertips, you will be shown specific areas to tap along the meridians.

These points, for the most part, are located on the head, face, hands, and chest.

Tapping helps to create a balance of kinetic energy within the meridian system.  Since most acupuncture points are bilateral, it does not matter which side of your body you decide to tap on.

During your session you will be coached to repeat several different positive affirmations.  Sometimes people wince at the thought of positive affirmations because they feel silly telling themselves something nice.  Well, isn’t that a perfect indication that there are underlying limiting beliefs about yourself?

Tapping is done from a top to bottom progression. It is best if jewelry or glasses are removed. The effects are astoundingly positive.


Although many people will apply this technique to address their physical discomforts for relief, it is always suggested to examine the underlying emotional contributing factors.  This ensures more lasting results.


1. No contraindications to be concerned with

2. Improve Ones Worth and Self-Esteem

3. Create Positive Goals

4. Reduce Cravings

5. Reduce Negative Habits

6. Promotes Positive Self Talk

7. Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Tapping creates a portal to release negative thoughts and feelings in order to accept the positive.  It is a technique that can be used anytime in order to approach life with more clarity and allow more productive outcomes in your career, relationships, health, spiritual, and personal life.

Isn’t it time you take control of your thoughts and reap the benefits of your abundant potential?

Sessions also available via skype or facetime. Contact Donna for more information at donna@soundhealingpathways.com