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Many traditions place sound at the centre of Creation  — “In the beginning was the Word” — forms the first sentence of The Bible, or in Sanskrit, “Ohm” is the first sound, the primal mantra. The gong resonates at a primal, archetypal level which communicates universally.

Over 10,000 years ago the first known gongs are thought to have originated in the Middle East, passing from there to Asia.

The Greek Mathematician Pythagoras (6BC) began the procedure of measuring and quantifying musical tone. His calculations demonstrate that every fundamental tone gives rise to other tones in a measurable degrees in a sequence known as The Harmonic Series.

In the ascending (over)tones, these tones reproduce at the ratio of Pi or the Golden Mean, also known as the Fibonacci Series. These ratios are found in the growth spirals of DNA.

Dr. Hans Jenny, scientist and founder of Cymatics (the study of the geometry of sound) demonstrates the natural patterns created by sound in matter. The tones created by gongs is composed of an intricate and geometrically accurate series of tones which are found within the basic creative matrix of life.

The multi-layered resonance of the gong powerfully communicates at all levels of consciousness. When played with intent it becomes an instrument of profound healing.

In 1981 Fabien Mamon, a French bioenergeticist & composer, teamed up with Helene Grimal, a biologist at the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris for a year and a half and he and Grimal examined through microscopic photography the effect of low frequency sound on human cells.  Maman and Grimal studied the inner structure of both healthy human cells and cancer cells and their reaction to various acoustical instruments, as well as the unaccompanied human voice, for a duration of twenty-one minutes.

The instruments, particularly the gong, with its rich complement of overtones, caused the cancer cells to disintegrate and ultimately explode.  However, the human voice carries something in its vibration that makes it more powerful than any musical instrument.  It appeared that the cancer cells were not able to support a progressive accumulation of vibratory frequencies.

As the gong sound contains tones which are both harmonious and inharmonious, it allows chaos and order to co-exist in the mind, bringing resolution and dissolution of internal blockages, conflicts and traumas. The gong sound vibrates the energy meridians in the body and brings them into balance.

The gong activates and balances the brain. Its sound harmonizes and establishes a unity between our dual forms of perception.  With the sound of the gong, consciousness begins to shift into theta brainwave frequency.

The sound and vibration of the gong is relaxing, transforming and healing.

According to Gong Master-Don Conreaux, gong healing expands a person’s spiritual experience regardless of a person’s religious persuasion.