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Crystals are fossilized water, formed when water combines with an element under certain conditions of pressure, temperature and energy. 

Silica sand, combined with water becomes quartz crystal.  Quartz crystals have many physical properties. They amplify, transform, store, focus and transfer energy.

For many hundreds of years, people have accepted the complex healing properties of quartz crystals.  It is believed that crystals “absorb” human energies and feed back those energies in an altered form. This is the reason for using quartz crystals to generate and maintain energy frequencies in the human body-mind system.

Quartz crystal bowls resonate at frequencies that produce powerful sound waves. These vibrations produce the energetic sounds that manifest the crystalline structure of the bowls themselves.

Marcel Vogel, who worked as a senior scientist at IBM for nearly three decades spent many years researching the storage capabilities of quartz crystals.   His extensive research concluded that, “the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the powers of the user’s mind by transcending time and space.  Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent, highly focused form.  This energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will.”

According to Marcel Vogel, the bowl sound may resonate in a uniquely harmonious fashion with the human body since our healthy human tissues are more crystalline than fluid in nature.  The framework of bone and collagen is partly comprised of calcium phosphate crystal.  All these crystals must have a “resonation potential,” and the sounds produced by quartz crystal are more harmoniously in tune with our own crystalline structures than sounds emitted by other bowls or instruments.

The bowls also resonate with the human voice.  The sounds permeate our systems, resonating with our essence, so that inner chaos, conflict, and dissonance seem almost immediately to be transformed into harmony.

The sound of crystal tones, affects brain wave activity. As different parts of the brain are affected, different hormones and neuro-chemicals are released which suppress pain & strengthen willpower.

Quartz crystal music holds the vibration of white light, which ultimately refracts into the rainbow and acts directly on our chakras when played. It has the power to bring about a positive shift in our consciousness.  As our awareness expands, we are enabled to reach higher levels of personal growth.